Aptos Hack Holland - NFTs, social, and gaming


Hack Holland Hackathon

The countdown has begun for the highly anticipated Aptos Hack Holland Hackathon event, which promises to catalyze a new wave of innovation and growth within the Aptos ecosystem.

Martian Wallet: NFTs, Social and Gaming

The most promising developments in Web3 start when creative and technical minds come together over the realization of new economic, business, and computational models, and we are excited to see this process play out from June 5th-7th in Amsterdam.

As the leading self-custody wallet for the Aptos blockchain, Martian Wallet is proud to sponsor the NFTs, social, and gaming track at Aptos Hack Holland. This track aims to foster development in these nascent Web3 sectors, and participants have the opportunity to compete for a prize pool of $60,000 by showcasing their creativity and expertise in building the bridge between culture and crypto.

Innovation is Brewing

During Aptos’ Move Monday installment NFTs, social, and gaming, (you can listen to the full recording here), leaders from the Aptos ecosystem offered up some ideas to encourage creative thought, sharing their insights on potential project concepts, and shedding light on development tools and methodologies.

David Wolinksky from Aptos Labs gave a shout-out to the innovative Move implementation by Werewolf and Witch, winners of the Korean Hackathon ‘Best of Move’ track. Their Aptos-based NFT-integrated game was a revolutionary step forward, inspiring other developers to create similar game mechanics.

Gaming, Social, and More

Abhinav, COO of Martian, highlighted some of the exciting features that Martian is developing like session keys for blockchain gaming that would allow gamers to pre-approve transactions for a game for a specific period. Martian is also on track to integrate social logins, which will facilitate the onboarding of web2 users on a mass scale and simplify the web3 user experience even further.

He also encouraged hackathon participants to create a wrapper that allows users to connect their wallets to games, enhancing the on-chain gaming experience.

On the social front, Abhinav proposed a Twitter-like feed that dApps can connect with to promote giveaways, mints, and more. He also hinted at machine learning implementations that can scan your NFT portfolio and recommend similar projects.

One fascinating project that can be built within this tier is a social app entirely based on Aptos, leveraging its impressive high transactions per second and low gas fees. Imagine a platform where users can seamlessly connect, interact, and engage with one another while enjoying the benefits of Aptos' robust blockchain infrastructure.

Why did Martian choose the gaming and social tier?

Martian Wallet's support for the gaming, social, and NFT tier is driven by its commitment to contribute to a thriving ecosystem that combines technology, creativity, and community.

As work continues on exciting features, some unique features [are already live] in the Martian wallet, and include:

P2P Twitter transactions:

where you can link your Twitter account to your Martian wallet account and write on Twitter and the transaction will be processed once you approve it from your wallet.

P2P Twitter Campaigns for Ecosystem Teams

In addition to being an in-app feature, Martian Wallet’s Twitter integration also enables ecosystem teams to run direct campaigns to engage and reward supporters. Projects can run campaigns to reward tokens or NFT via their official Twitter account. A good example is:


Browse dApps and buy NFTs natively

Within Martian Wallet, you can browse the dApps and purchase NFTs natively from the Martian wallet, giving you a good place to begin exploring the Aptos ecosystem.

Here's a small glimpse at how you can purchase NFTs natively from Martian Wallet by leveraging our integration with Topaz:

Martian Wallet NFT Screen

As part of Martian’s recently launched bridge functionality, you will soon be able to bridge funds from other blockchains to your Aptos account with ease. This function is already in place for bridging assets from Aptos, making the ecosystem more flexible and easing standards so that a wider audience can use the blockchain.

A key objective of Martian Wallet is to enhance the gaming experience and stimulate social and NFT projects within the Aptos ecosystem. Since Martian supports Gaming, Social, and NFT, we are also excited about some exciting projects that will make use of the wallet's unique capabilities (Twitter transactions, session keys, twitter campaigns for projects, etc) and expand the ecosystem.

The Future of DeFi and Social Networks

Bruh Bears, a collection of Bear NFTs with an eccentric community, said that crypto is a ripe field for speculating and trading assets in a decentralized and permissionless manner. Bruh Bears also encouraged the exploration of more social-fi use cases on Aptos.

Greg Nazario, Founding Engineer at Aptos Labs, envisioned a future where blockchains are used for social networks. He questioned why crypto conversations are confined to Twitter and why we can't shift to a blockchain-native platform, like Aptos.

Your Call to Action

Martian Wallet is all in on the potential of the Aptos developer community and can't wait to see the innovative ideas that will come together over the next few weeks leading up to Amsterdam. What do you think will help build the bridge between culture and crypto? Come build it with us!

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