Twitter Integration: Enhancing Sui & Aptos Crypto P2P with Social Interaction


GM Martians! Just a few weeks ago we announced the latest upgrade for Martian Wallet, the leading wallet for Sui and Aptos: the seamless integration of Twitter for P2P crypto transactions on the Aptos Network and Sui blockchain! This groundbreaking feature empowers users to send coins through Twitter while maintaining complete control of their digital assets in a self-custodial manner.

Imagine the convenience of sending SUI or APT to another user with just a simple tweet once you’ve linked your Twitter account with Martian Wallet, which also functions as a Sui wallet extension

Link Twitter with your Martian Account

Link your Martian wallet with Twitter

Now, all you need to do is craft a tweet using this format: “GM @martian_wallet send 5 $APT on testnet to @Receivers_handle”. Remember not to include any line breaks or spaces in your tweet.

Send crypto using twitter with Martian Wallet

Upon sending your tweet, you’ll receive a transaction request in your Martian Wallet. Simply click the notification bell icon, review the details, and click ‘approve’ to confirm and submit your crypto transaction. This process gives you full control over your transactions while enjoying the seamless experience of transacting on Twitter.

Martian Wallet Successful Crypto Transaction

Some of the exciting use cases enabled by this Twitter integration are rewards via retweets. For example, a tweet from a project’s account saying “ GM @martian_wallet send 1 $APT to first 1000 Retweets” will result in the first 1000 Retweeters receiving a reward of 1 $APT, provided they have linked their Twitter handle on Martian Wallet. Refer to this tweet for an example.

Another interesting use case enabled by this Twitter integration is minting NFTs with a tweet. Projects can create an NFT campaign for the first 1000 Retweeters (or as per their preference) by tweeting: “GM @martian_wallet mint (NFT NAME) on testnet to first 1000 retweets.” This inventive method for minting NFTs leverages social media, making the process more engaging for the community. Take a look at this tweet to see how it works.

Martian Wallet is constantly exploring innovative solutions such as account abstraction and social recovery to enhance users’ experiences on the Aptos blockchain and Sui blockchain. By staying abreast of the latest trends in the crypto landscape, we aim to incorporate features that simplify transactions and increase user engagement within the community. We are committed to finding creative ways to implement these cutting-edge concepts, ensuring a superior experience for our end users.

We have more exciting news for our users: Sui’s testnet Wave 3 is just around the corner! While we can’t commit to an exact timeline, expect Martian Wallet to support it as soon as it becomes available. Stay tuned for more updates on this remarkable development.

To take advantage of this cutting-edge crypto feature, be sure to update your Martian Wallet to the latest version (1.6.4). Additionally, enabling notifications for the Chrome browser will keep you informed about activities within your Aptos and Sui wallet. Mac users can activate notifications by going to Settings, searching for Notifications, and turning the toggle on for Google Chrome.

Currently, the Twitter integration feature is only supported on the Aptos Network testnet. We are diligently working on expanding support to mainnet, including Sui testnet and other cryptocurrencies, and will share the news through our official social channels as soon as it becomes available.

If you haven’t downloaded Martian Wallet yet, now is the perfect time to join the future of digital transactions in the world of Aptos and Sui. Download Martian Wallet

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