Martian Integrates Wormhole Connect For Simple In-App Bridging


We are excited to announce that Martian Wallet is integrating Wormhole Connect to offer our users a seamless, in-wallet bridging experience. Wormhole Connect is a bridging widget that simplifies integration with the broader Wormhole network and allows users to bridge tokens and source liquidity from other chains without ever having to leave Martian Wallet.

Martian Integrates Wormhole Connect

About Martian Wallet: Your Gateway to Sui and Aptos Blockchain

Martian Sui Wallet stands out as the go-to self-custodial web3 wallet for the Sui and Aptos blockchain. Designed with a combination of native integrations and user-friendly interfaces, it’s suited for both newcomers and seasoned web3 users looking to explore the Sui and Aptos ecosystems. With Martian as the leading Sui wallet, users can securely transfer tokens, manage their NFTs, stake, swap tokens, and even bring on board their own cryptocurrency, all within the wallet.

Embracing the social aspect of web3, Martian allows users to connect their Twitter accounts with their blockchain addresses. This integration paves the way for unique peer-to-peer transactions on Twitter, where users can send tokens or NFTs through a simple tweet. Furthermore, projects have the opportunity to launch Twitter campaigns, rewarding their community members based on their interactions with specific tweets.

At Martian Wallet (for Sui and Aptos), we’re continually on the lookout for innovative solutions that enhance the user experience on the Aptos and Sui blockchain. We aim to stay ahead of the curve in the fast-paced crypto landscape by incorporating features that simplify transactions and boost user engagement. Our focus is on implementing inventive strategies and cutting-edge concepts like account abstraction and social recovery to deliver a superior experience to our users. With the integration of Wormhole Connect, we’re one step closer to this goal.

Integrating Wormhole Connect

Wormhole, a cross-chain messaging protocol, has been integrated into our Martian Sui Wallet. It connects with more than 20 leading blockchain ecosystems, making it a trusted choice by teams like Circle and Uniswap as well as other cross-chain applications. To date, Wormhole has facilitated the transfer of over $35 billion in value.

The addition of Wormhole Connect to our wallet enhances the functionality and user experience by offering a connection (bridge) to liquidity across all major chains, without the need to navigate away from Martian wallet. This seamless cross-chain functionality not only enriches the user experience but also contributes to the growth of our product and community.

This integration means that users of the Martian Wallet now have the ability to bridge assets and liquidity between the supported networks (Sui and Aptos). All this can be done with just a few clicks within the wallet itself. This new feature is a significant addition to the recently launched Sui and Aptos blockchains, providing users with even more flexibility and accessibility in their crypto transactions.

Why We Integrated Wormhole Connect

We continually strive to improve user experiences and flexibility on our platform. By helping our users bridge liquidity from other networks, we aim to enhance their overall on-chain experiences. Wormhole Connect presents several benefits that align with our goals:

• Native bridging experience: Bridging became a natural part of our user experience, eliminating the need for redirects to external bridges

• Simplified gas payments: Users are automatically dropped off on a new chain with native gas

• Customizable source & destination assets: We can create allow lists of chains and assets that we want to support

Other developers interested in integrating Wormhole Connect can check out the docs at or reach out to the Wormhole team.

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