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Welcome aboard our spaceship as we keep growing and continue the journey through the vast cosmos of blockchain and cryptocurrencies!.

Each update we share is like a new star we discover, adding to our growing constellation of achievements. Last Month, Martian Wallet launched on the Sui mainnet and integrated Transak & MoonPay into the Wallet Extension, marking significant milestones in our mission to make digital asset management simple, secure, and accessible for everyone.

So, fasten your seatbelts as we navigate through the key highlights of May month and celebrate the strides made by us at Martian Wallet.

Martian Wallet Updates

Strategic Partnerships

Imagine a group of allies joining forces for a common goal. That's what it felt like when we joined forces with KriyaDEX, Blockvision, Cetus Protocol, Blockaid, MoonPay & Transak last month

Latest Release from Martian Wallet

Picture a library, filled with informative and engaging content. Martian Wallet has been working tirelessly to fill this library, educating and sharing valuable information with our audience.

1. Sui Consensus Explained by Martian Sui Wallet

2. Top dApps on Sui featured by Martian Sui Wallet

3. $SUI Tokenomics explained by Martian

Sui Mainnet Support

In a significant milestone, Martian Wallet announced its support for the Sui mainnet, further expanding our chain support.

Integration with Wormhole

Imagine a bridge being built, connecting two lands. That's what our recently added feature is all about in integration with Wormhole, allowing you to source funds on Aptos or Sui (from either of the chains) within the wallet.

Our Partnership with Transak, MoonPay & Blockaid

Recently integrating with Transak and MoonPay, we've made buying $SUI on-fiat money within the wallet accessible. And our integration with Blockaid (live in the latest release) is like a watchtower, alerting Martian Wallet users of potential threats when they're about to connect with suspicious websites. It's our way of ensuring that your journey through the crypto universe is not just exciting, but also safe.

Martian Wallet Extension Updates [May-June]

We've been busy adding new features to our wallet extension, each one designed to make your journey through the wallet smoother and more efficient.

SuiNS Support

We've added support for SuiNS on the Sui mainnet. Now, transferring or receiving assets is even more seamless. All you need is a username from SuiNS, connect it to your Martian wallet, and you're good to go.

Martian SuiNS Mainnet Support

Gas Station Support

We've introduced gas station support for the $SUI/$USDC swap pair. This means you can now make gasless transactions with this pair, and we're working on adding more such use cases.

Suivision Support

We've integrated Suivision support for transaction activity. Now, you can choose between Sui Explorer and Sui Vision to read your on-chain 'data'.

Martian Wallet supports Suivision

Bridge Funds

With our new feature, you can now bridge funds from Aptos to Sui [Sui to Aptos bridge to be supported soon] within Martian Wallet. This feature enhances the accessibility of the ecosystem and brings us one step closer to achieving sufficient liquidity.

Bridge funds between Aptos & Sui on Martian Wallet

We just upgraded to Aptos SDK V2

and we’re running smoothly on the latest Aptos SDK V2 for Aptos Mainnet, update your Martian wallet extension to version 1.6.8 now ⚡

Validator Selection

We've made it easier for you to stake your APT on the Aptos Mainnet from Martian Wallet. Now, you can select from a list of validators, giving you a wide range of options to choose the most favorable one.

Select Validators for $APT staking in Martian Wallet

Ecosystem Updates

Aptos World Tour

Imagine a grand tour across the globe, stopping at the vibrant cities of Seoul and Amsterdam. That's what the Aptos World Tour felt like, with Martian Wallet sponsoring the Hack Holland [Amsterdam] Aptos Hackathon.

Aptos partnered with MasterCard

In a landmark moment, Aptos announced a partnership with Mastercard, a giant leap towards bridging the gap between traditional finance and blockchain.

Aptos Move V1.3

Aptos introduced Move Objects in one of its latest updates, adding another layer of functionality and versatility to its platform.

Sui Mainnet Launch

Picture a rocket launching into space, marking the beginning of a new era. That's what the launch of the Sui mainnet felt like, with several ecosystem projects also going live.check out the announcement from Sui here

Sui Improvement Proposals

Picture a roundtable discussion, with ideas and suggestions flying around. That's what the Sui Improvement Proposals are like.


And with that, we've reached the end of this monthly update, Martians! Space is infinite and so are the possibilities. Keep your eyes on the stars for our next weekly dispatch. We invite you to download the Martian Wallet, as we continue to push the boundaries of digital asset management, your companionship makes the journey all the more exciting. To stay in the loop with the latest updates and to feed your curiosity, follow us on Twitter and visit our Website. The universe of crypto awaits you, and we're thrilled to be your guides on this adventure. Until next time, Martians!

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