Martian Portfolio Reward Program: Earn While Managing Your Crypto Assets!


Hey there, Martians! Get ready because something amazing is happening. Our Portfolio dApp is now not just a tool to manage your crypto goodies but also a treasure chest of rewards! Yes, you read it right - we're launching a reward program!

Our Portfolio dApp lets you organize your assets, trade NFTs, make transactions, and check your balances - all in one place across different wallets and blockchains. Now, it’s time to make your journey even more rewarding. By doing your regular crypto tasks, you can earn points converted into real rewards.

Here's how you can get points:

1. Connect a New Account

Get 50 points just for setting up an account.

2. Make Daily Transactions

You can get points from your daily transactions too!

○ Sending Transaction: For the first 10 transactions each day, you get 10 points each

○ Swapping Transaction: For every swap transaction, you get points equal to 30 times the transaction amount.

○ Staking Transaction: If you stake with us, you get points equal to 20 times the staked amount

3. Check-In:

You get 50 XP for connecting an account for the first time and you get XP equal to the balance in your wallet every day

Rewards for activities performed

• One NFT can earn points only once.

• Liquid stake follows swap rules.

Every week, we give rewards to the top 20 point earners:

Rewards for winners

Martian Wallet Community Badges

Martian Wallet Community Badges

Want to join the fun? Here's how:

1. If you haven't yet,download and set up Martian Wallet.

2. Go to Martian Portfolio dApp and start managing your assets.

3. Do the tasks listed above, every day and every week.

4. Climb up the leaderboard and be among the winners.

This reward program will run for an extended timeline. With the XP Reward System Season 2, Martian Wallet offers a fun and interactive way to explore the Portfolio dApp. Don’t miss out on this unique experience and the chance to win fantastic rewards.

So come join us, have fun managing your assets, and earn rewards. Stay tuned for more updates from us by following our Twitter and visiting our website. Let's have a great time with crypto together!

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