Martian Sui Wallet: Now Live on the Sui Mainnet for Seamless Cryptocurrency Transactions


The Sui Mainnet is now live, and with it comes the launch of the network addition of the Sui mainnet on Martian Sui Wallet, a user-friendly gateway to explore the SUI ecosystem.

Martian Wallet enables users to easily access decentralized applications (dApps) and other projects. This article shines a light on Martian Wallet’s accomplishments, the partnerships we’ve formed, and our exciting plans for the future.

Easy-to-use Interface and Security

Martian Sui Wallet has garnered attention for its simple interface, seamless integration, and robust security features. Apart from storing, managing, and transacting cryptocurrencies, the wallet also supports P2P transactions via Twitter, making it a top choice for the SUI ecosystem and Aptos Network users.

XP Rewards Program

To celebrate the recent launch of the Sui Mainnet, we introduced the XP Rewards Program a few weeks ago. This program rewards users for completing tasks related to exploring the Sui ecosystem from their Martian Sui Wallet. Over the last three weeks, more than 75,000 users have participated, completing over 690,000 tasks.

Strategic Partnerships

Martian Wallet has established strategic partnerships with numerous leading dApps and projects to offer a seamless user experience. Some of our partners include Coinbase, Clutchy, Souffl3, SuiNS, Cetus, Bluemove, and more.

Martian Ecosystem for Sui and Aptos

Further, we’re excited to announce recent partnerships with MoonPay and Transak. These collaborations will enable our users to purchase crypto with fiat directly through the Martian Sui Wallet on the Sui Blockchain, as well as for the Aptos network.

Users within the Martian wallet now also have the option of choosing validators based on APY, stake percentage, and the total amount staked.

With our aim to provide a comprehensive user experience, we’ve teamed up with Cetus, a protocol that supports concentrated liquidity. Through the recent integration of their SDK, we ensure users have access to efficient and fast swaps within the wallet.

Our ecosystem continues to grow as we integrate with various dApps across diverse sectors:

NFT Integration:

Martian is now integrated with leading NFT marketplaces, including Clutchy, Souffl3, Bluemove, and Keepsake. Users can effortlessly link their Sui account via the Martian Sui Wallet to these platforms.

DeFi Integration:

For DeFi enthusiasts, we’ve partnered with top defi protocols, such as Cetus, Turbos, Movex, BaySwap, Scallop, Navi, Typus, and Wispswap. Users of the Martian Sui Wallet can now conveniently connect with these dApps and engage smoothly in DeFi activities like Swap and adding liquidity to pools.

Launchpad Integration:

We’ve also partnered with BeLaunch and Tocen, enabling users to participate seamlessly in newly launched project IDOs on the Sui network.

Gaming Integration:

We’ve been working closely with gaming platforms like Cosmocadia, Battlemon, and Project Eluune to provide a smooth gaming experience with easy crypto transactions. We’re even working on introducing session keys to eliminate the need for individual approvals during gameplay.

We’re also working alongside numerous other protocols, which we’ll cover in more detail in our upcoming articles. The partnerships mentioned above empower users to connect their Martian wallet to a wide range of ecosystem platforms, thereby experiencing the full potential of these Sui ecosystem projects.

Looking Ahead

Martian Wallet is dedicated to ongoing improvement and innovation. Our upcoming features include:

1. Social logins: Users can sign in using Gmail or other Web 2.0 logins, simplifying the process of getting started with the Sui Wallet Extension.

2. Session keys: For a more enjoyable gaming experience, users can authorize transactions for a set time, eliminating the need to approve each individually while playing.

3. Cross-chain expansion: Martian Wallet aims to enhance compatibility with several blockchain networks and dApps.

Martian Sui Wallet is committed to making the SUI ecosystem more accessible through user-friendly features and strategic initiatives. Download the Martian Sui Wallet

We invite you to follow us on Twitter and visit our website for more information.

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