Martian Wallet’s In-Built Reward System for Sui


Are you ready for an interactive, engaging, and rewarding experience with Martian Wallet? We’re thrilled to introduce our new XP Reward System, designed exclusively for Sui Testnet activities! Get ready to embark on an exciting journey filled with daily tasks and enticing rewards, while exploring the Sui Ecosystem in Martian Wallet.

Martian Wallet XP Program on Sui

Why is the XP Reward System so exciting?

Our XP Reward System encourages you to dive deeper into the Sui Ecosystem on the testnet currently, with numerous activities available daily. By completing tasks, you’ll earn valuable XP, which helps you climb the ranks and secure fantastic rewards! Not only does this system make using Martian Sui Wallet more enjoyable, but it also offers you a chance to learn, grow, and be part of our thriving community.

It’s important to note that rewarded XP is not a coin or token and is not accumulated on-chain.

Activities and XP in the Sui Testnet:

Our reward structure is designed to incentivize your active participation within the Martian Wallet and the Sui Ecosystem. Here’s what you can do to start earning XP:

• Send Sui on testnet (100 XP*5 daily)

• Stake on Sui (200 XP*5 daily)

• Connect with a Sui dApp (200 XP*5 daily)

• Connect your Twitter account with Sui (500 XP, claimable once per Twitter account)

• Make a P2P transaction on SUI with Twitter.

There are also several engaging tasks that you can complete up to five times each day, earning XP with every attempt:

For instance, when you mint 5 NFTs a day on the Sui testnet, you’ll unlock 200 XP for each, and this can be done five times daily for a maximum of 1000 XP.

Remember, the more tasks you complete, the more XP you earn, and the closer you get to those amazing rewards!

How can you leverage the XP Reward System?

Our reward system offers countless opportunities for you to explore the Sui Ecosystem, learn about various features, and connect with fellow Martian Wallet users. The more you engage with the Sui ecosystem with Martian Wallet, the better your chances of winning incredible rewards!

As part of the rewards feature launch on the Sui Network, we’re also excited to introduce the Leaderboard, a dedicated page that highlights the top-performing users participating in the Sui Rewards Program. The Leaderboard provides a competitive and engaging element, motivating users to actively participate in the Sui ecosystem and claim the top spots.

As you immerse yourself in the Sui Testnet activities, fantastic rewards await!

• Every day, the top XP winner will pocket 50 USDC (only one user wins, the first one to earn the max XP)

• On the mainnet launch day. The top three XP earners will bag 2000 USDC, 1500 USDC, and 1000 USDC, respectively.

• Those ranked fourth to tenth will win 150 USDC.

• And users ranked eleventh to twentieth will receive 100 USDC each.

• - But that’s not all — after the mainnet launch, more than the top 100 users in the leaderboard will secure highly-coveted whitelist spots for prominent projects (details coming soon). Keep a close eye on the leaderboard, as it’s your key to staying competitive and unlocking these amazing prizes!

We also have integrated the social sharing button that enables participants to showcase their progress with a pre-populated tweet directly from the extension, users can feel free to customize the tweet, adding their thoughts or experiences in the Sui ecosystem.

To make the most out of this exciting opportunity, simply:

1. Download and set up Martian Wallet.

2. Participate in Sui Network activities daily, earning XP for each task.

3. Keep an eye out for new tasks and opportunities to earn more XP.

4. Climb the ranks and secure your spot among the top winners.

With the XP Reward System, Martian Wallet offers a fun and interactive way to explore the Sui Ecosystem. Don’t miss out on this unique experience and the chance to win fantastic rewards.

Join us now and be part of the Martian Wallet for Sui! Join the challenge for exciting rewards!

If you have any inquiries or concerns, feel free to reach out to us on our Discord channel. Our team is committed to delivering a smooth and safe user experience.

Keep an eye out for further updates and amazing new features from Martian Wallet, as we persistently innovate self-custodial digital asset management and revolutionize how you engage with crypto.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter and check out our website to stay informed.

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