Sui Consensus: Simplifying Blockchain for DeFi, Gaming, and Ownership



Sui Consensus is a mechanism developed by the Sui blockchain that offers great performance, safety, and flexibility. It helps create better DeFi apps, gaming experiences, and online asset ownership. In this blog, we’ll talk about how Sui Consensus works, what makes it special, and the new opportunities it brings for the Sui ecosystem and its users.

Issues with the Web Today

Powerful centralized groups take advantage of users’ content. On social networks and content platforms (Instagram, Fortnite, Twitter), users’ connections have no value outside the platform. Web3 aims to change the relationship between content creators, users, and platforms. In this new model, platforms help users instead of controlling them, and assets are no longer stuck within a single ecosystem.

Sui stands out from other blockchains for the following reasons:

One of the core uses of Blockchain is that it enables users to own their assets by distributing trust among numerous participants. Smart contracts take on the roles that centralized entities once held, addressing aspects like custody, convenience, and security. Sui offers a better solution for managing digital assets.

Asset-centric approach:

Sui prioritizes assets, treating them as special objects with unique IDs. This focus empowers users with greater control over their assets, streamlining interactions with various smart contracts and platforms. In Sui, every asset is an object.

Enhanced asset interoperability:

In Sui, assets are not restricted within smart contracts. Instead, users can transfer assets directly without invoking a smart contract, allowing different smart contracts to work with the assets as long as they understand the object type.

Improved composability:

Sui’s object-oriented data model enables developers to create various types of assets. Additionally, other developers can write new contracts that recognize these types, preventing lock-in (a situation where users or developers become dependent on a single platform) and fostering collaboration.


Sui Consensus processes transactions efficiently, leveraging explicit dependency information for improved throughput. This approach enables Sui to handle more transactions simultaneously, increasing its scalability compared to traditional blockchains.


Sui’s design simplifies the transfer and management of assets, offering a more user-friendly experience and unlocking new possibilities in DeFi, gaming, and digital asset ownership.

Asset data stored on the blockchain refers to various properties of the assets, such as ownership, attributes, or metadata. These properties can be updated or changed according to the needs of the application or the user. Objects can own other objects, allowing for changes, combinations, and creating structures.

Being able to work with assets easily is crucial for growth, particularly in gaming and social apps, as it allows for seamless integration, trading, and management of in-game items or digital assets, enhancing user experience and engagement. Sui’s object-focused data model fixes problems with other blockchains, making it easier to create apps that can change.

Sui Consensus and Scalability

Sui Consensus handles two types of transactions: simple transactions that can be processed quickly, and special transactions that need more consensus. This unique layer lets Sui process simple transactions fast while still handling complex transactions.

Sui’s object model also allows for more scalability by using clear dependency information. Instead of a single-lane system, Sui can process many groups of transactions at once, making it faster and more efficient.


Sui Consensus is an important change in the blockchain world, offering great performance and flexibility for the Sui ecosystem. With Sui Consensus, DeFi apps, gaming platforms, and asset ownership can grow in the new era of Web3. Keep an eye out for more exciting news about the Sui ecosystem.

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