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The rise of dApps has redefined our crypto world. Running on blockchains like Sui, these applications bring the power of decentralization to our fingertips. In this article, we explore the Sui landscape, spotlighting dApps that are shaping this space, and exploring how they’re capitalizing on Sui’s advanced tech and fresh-from-the-oven mainnet.

About Martian Wallet

Martian Wallet is your gateway to the Sui Network. The self-custodial wallet securely stores your tokens, manages your NFTs, and connects you to the dApp landscape. Whether it’s sending, receiving, or minting, Martian Wallet makes it friendly and secure, propelling your Sui experience to the next level. Let’s delve deeper and see how these dApps are harnessing the power of Martian Wallet and Sui’s innovative blockchain technology.

Leading dApps in categories

For this blog we have featured top dApps across several categories, here’s a quick walkthrough:

1. DeFi: Cetus, Interest Protocol, Scallop, KriyaDEX, BaySwap, Turbos, WispSwap

2. NFT: Bluemove, Souffl3, Keepsake, Clutchy

3. Social, Gaming & Naming service: Suia, Cubic & SuiNS

4. Data & Explorer: Blockvision & SuiScan

1. SuiNS: Naming service dApp

Jumping into the world of dApps on the Sui blockchain, we spotted a noteworthy player: SuiNS, a part of Mysten Labs.

They’ve brilliantly simplified the blockchain experience, offering unique .sui names to users. For companies, SuiNS also offers a hassle-free way to label their blockchain resources.

What makes SuiNS stand out on the Sui platform?

It’s their seamless integration and unique features like web3 usernames and contract safety services. They’re not just different; they’re innovating the way we interact with the blockchain.

SuiNS consciously chose the Sui blockchain because of its cost-effective infrastructure that can efficiently handle a high volume of use.

Plus, the integration of SuiNS services into Martian Wallet has significantly enhanced user experience, making blockchain interactions smoother and more straightforward.

The excitement is further heightened by a key event - the SuiNS Live Auction. Set to start on May 22nd, 2023, this is an event you won’t want to miss. So, head over to their site and sign up with your email and wallet, because a special surprise awaits!

Martian Sui Wallet for SuiNS

2. Typus: DeFi Protocol:

Next in our Sui dApp series is Typus Finance. It’s a one-stop platform for lending, swapping, and derivatives on Sui, perfect for managing DeFi risks. Their user-friendly DeFi Option Vaults are live on the Sui mainnet.

What sets Typus apart?

Their simple auction system. This asset marketplace helps manage risks and keeps the DeFi economy flowing smoothly.

Typus chose Sui for its asset-handling design and security. Plus, Martian Sui Wallet helps them reach more users and simplifies blockchain for everyone.

Martian Sui Wallet for Typus

Typus isn’t just unique; it’s an award-winning protocol. They’re Mysten Labs partners and have won numerous awards, including Audience Favourites and 2nd place in Judge’s Choice at the HK Sui Builder House demo day, and 2nd place in MoveBit’s Move CTF competition.

We at Martian Wallet are excited to feature Typus Finance, a dApp making blockchain more user-friendly.

3. Suia: Social dApp

Let’s shine a spotlight on, a social dApp on the Sui network. Where it’s all about building a strong, open community that’s powered by users.

Suia is unique for its four key features: personalized NFT recommendations, an on-chain activity feed, brand clubs, and adaptable spaces on Sui. These features make it stand out in the bustling landscape of dApps on Sui.

Why Suia chose Sui?

The team sees Sui as a game-changer that makes smart contracts safer and allows for the creation of unique applications. Plus, the innovative economic model of Sui promises a long-term, healthy ecosystem.

Martian Sui Wallet for Suia

Suia is popular on Sui, boasting over 200,000 transactions and 300K+ users. It also serves 100+ Sui brands and sees 50K daily users.

As a recognized member of the Sui community, Suia has received awards such as Sui Grants and Sui Builder Heroes and collaborated with the Sui Foundation to boost the APAC ecosystem.

4. Cetus: DeFi

Cetus is a pioneering DeFi platform on Sui and Aptos that’s all about making trading easier for everyone. It uses advanced algorithms to give traders and liquidity providers better flexibility and more efficient use of their capital compared to traditional DeFi platforms on Sui.

Plus, Cetus has partnerships with key players across the DeFi, infra, wallet, NFT, and social sectors.

Another exciting feature is Cetus’ in-platform launchpad, a great tool for new projects to launch on Sui and get started with liquidity.

Martian Sui Wallet for Cetus

Why Sui?

Well, the Cetus team loves that Sui’s Move language makes digital assets easy and safe to handle. It aligns perfectly with their skills in Rust programming.

And with Martian Wallet integration, users can enjoy a smooth experience when swapping and interacting with DeFi features on Cetus.

Cetus has several awards and accolades, like winning the Sui Developer Grant and the Sui Builder Hero Award. They’ve also been a launch partner of Mysten Labs and Sui Foundation from day one. Currently, they boast a total value locked (TVL) of over $30M and a cumulative trading volume of $100M+.

5. Souffl3: NFT

What makes Souffl3 special on Sui?

It’s one of the prominent marketplaces for NFTs in the Move ecosystem, known for being stable and reliable. The team behind Souffl3 comes from big tech companies and has been working with Move since 2020.

Martian Sui Walet for Souffl3

The Souffl3 team chose Sui for its fast transaction speed, top-notch security, and flexible approach. They love how users can easily manage their NFTs on Souffl3 using their Martian wallet accounts. It’s a breeze to trade and mint high-quality NFTs with Souffl3’s reliable services.

6. Clutchy: NFT

Clutchy is a marketplace for games and NFTs on the Sui Network. Designed for creators and users alike, it aims to boost creative projects by providing essential tools and exposure.

What sets Clutchy apart on Sui?

It’s the team’s dedication to helping creators and communities. As a partner of Mysten Labs, Clutchy works to bring value to the Sui ecosystem, supporting project founders with visibility, networking, and NFT standards for a successful game and NFT development.

Martian Sui Walet for Clutchy

Clutchy chose Sui for its unique features, like the innovative use of the Move programming language that makes creating interactive NFTs and user experiences easier. Plus, integrating with Martian brings NFT collections to light and keeps them updated with full NFT support.

Clutchy’s notable achievement includes reaching a total trading volume of 1 million $SUI just days after going live on the mainnet!

7. KeepSake: NFT

Keepsake is a user-friendly marketplace for digital collectibles (NFTs) on the Sui network, designed to enrich web3 gaming. Its goal is to make the shift from web2 to web3 smooth for both game developers and players.T

What sets Keepsake apart?

It makes using NFTs in games easier for developers and allows players to trade NFTs without leaving the gaming environment. For users, it offers rewards, potential for traditional banking integration, and even physical collectibles powered by NFTs.

Keepsake chose the Sui network for its innovative approach to digital assets, its connection to the gaming industry, and its mix of mutable and immutable components, offering flexibility and creativity.

The integration with the Martian sui wallet makes accessing Keepsake secure and straightforward for users.

Martian Sui Walet for Keepsake

Among Keepsake's exciting features is the ability for users to rent out their NFTs, lowering the entry barrier for new users. Soon, it will launch a tool (SDK) for game developers to integrate the Keepsake marketplace into their games, connecting players to a global on-chain marketplace without leaving the game.

8. BlueMove: NFT

BlueMove is a versatile platform on the Sui blockchain, offering an NFT launchpad, marketplace, initial DEX offering (IDO), and decentralized exchange (DEX). It stands out due to its full functionality and user-friendly design for both web and mobile apps.

A key feature is its mobile-friendly in-app wallet, enabling easy minting and trading of NFTs. As a DEX, it ensures a smooth swapping of assets with features like a Smart Router. As an IDO platform, it supports projects in token distribution and fundraising.

BlueMove opted for Sui due to its potential and suitability for NFT and DeFi development. Also, Sui's compatibility with other dApps in the ecosystem offers a significant advantage.

Martian sui wallet integration has simplified access to BlueMove, especially for users transitioning from Aptos, ensuring a comfortable multichain experience.

Martian Sui Walet for Bluemove

In sum, BlueMove is an all-in-one hub on Sui, streamlining activities from NFTs to tokens in one efficient, easy-to-use platform.

9. Interest Protocol: DeFi

Interest Protocol is one of the favorites for DeFi activity on the Sui blockchain. It allows users to easily swap, lend, and borrow digital assets. It combines the best features of popular platforms to ensure great prices.

Users can also earn IPX tokens by providing liquidity. Soon, users will be able to earn by depositing collateral and borrowing coins to leverage their positions.

The standout feature of Interest Protocol is its user-friendly, all-in-one approach to decentralized finance.

The decision to use Sui was due to its secure Move language, ensuring user safety - a top priority for Interest Protocol. Furthermore, the integration of the Martian Sui wallet has simplified user onboarding by providing an easy way to buy Sui with USD and access Interest Protocol securely.

Martian Sui Walet for Interest Protocol

A notable achievement of Interest Protocol is the successful launch of its liquidity program on the mainnet, offering trading fee earnings and airdrops for liquidity providers.

10. Scallop: DeFi

Scallop is a leading money market platform for the Sui network, designed for high quality, ease of use, and top-notch security.

What sets Scallop apart on Sui from other dApps is its advanced trading protocol, top-tier liquidation control, and strong security measures for reliable operations.

As they mention, Scallop chose Sui for its exceptional transaction speed and efficiency, and they saw a big boost in performance since joining. Partnering with Martian Sui Wallet has made it even easier for users to access the Scallop platform, making finance more user-friendly.

In short, moving to Sui and integrating with Martian has taken Scallop to new levels in the finance space.

Martian Sui Walet for Scallop

Scallop has had several major achievements, including being the first DeFi project to receive a grant from the Sui Foundation, winning community votes at the 2021 Solana Ignition Hackathon in Asia, and placing high in Sui Builder House challenges in Denver and Ho Chi Minh City.

11. BaySwap: DeFi

BaySwap, a community-driven exchange on the Sui blockchain, offers high-speed, low-cost solutions. It combats the issue of mercenary liquidity by owning a share of the pool, fostering sustainable and long-term growth. Unique features, like yield farming and an app for Android/iOS, make it stand out.

Choosing Sui due to its rapid, secure transactions at minimal cost, perfectly suited for finance. As BaySwap plans to go multi-chain, the low-cost, fast transactions will be even more beneficial.

Martian Sui Walet for BaySwap

Martian Wallet has enabled easy onboarding of Aptos users onto our Sui-based platform due to its simple and informative interface.

Achievements include limit order and yield farming features, the creation of an Android/iOS app, and the upcoming completion of Smart Contracts Auditing, demonstrating our commitment to fulfilling the Bayswap roadmap.

12. WispSwap: DeFi

WispSwap is a versatile decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Sui blockchain, offering a host of financial products like trading, lending, farming, staking, and more. It stands as a comprehensive solution for DeFi users aiming to maximize returns and improve their trading experiences.

The platform stands out with unique features like Wisp-prediction, the Sui blockchain's first Decentralized Prediction Market. This innovative mechanism allows users to make educated predictions on cryptocurrency prices and real-world events.

Martian Sui Walet for WispSwap

WispSwap also introduces an Asymmetric Concentrated Liquidity Market Maker (A-CLMM) with self-adjusting parameters. This mechanism offers top-notch impermanent loss protection and improved capital efficiency for liquidity providers.

Furthermore, WispSwap's tokenomics encourage long-term holding and active participation in governance. Ve (3,3) design enables users to voice their opinions on proposals, promoting a more engaged community.

13. Turbos: DeFi

Turbos Finance, a powerful decentralized exchange (DEX) built on Sui, offers a cutting-edge platform for digital asset trading. It's designed for anyone interested in efficient, secure trading with an added bonus of unique features like Concentrated Liquidity Market Making (CLMM) and Perpetual Trading.

Choosing Sui was a nod to its ability to handle transactions swiftly, drastically cutting down on delays. User access was made easier thanks to the integration with Martian Wallet, enhancing user experience and interaction with Turbos' features.

Martian Sui Walet for Turbos

Notable features include social trading tools with real-time updates on trending tokens by trading volume and transactions. This makes Turbos not just a trading platform, but a comprehensive tool for making informed trading decisions

14. Blockvision: Data infra provider and explorer

BlockVision, a prime data infrastructure provider on Sui, ensures data accuracy and availability through real-time indexing. Its services include a Sui explorer, node endpoints, validation service, and robust indexing APIs, making it a crucial piece of Sui's infrastructure.

Choosing Sui was a nod to its speed and transaction affordability, revolutionizing blockchain usability. The integration with Martian Wallet amplified this benefit, combining security with an outstanding user interface.

Martian Wallet and Blockvision on Sui

BlockVision's commitment to Sui is demonstrated through its milestones: joining as a trusted validator since Testnet Wave I, offering public node service, completing the RPC full node service integration, launching its developer-friendly SDK, and preparing for Sui's mainnet release by launching SuiVision Version II. Each step reiterates BlockVision's essential role in the Sui ecosystem.

15. SuiScan: Explorer

Introducing Suiscan: a multi-chain block explorer and analytics platform, designed for everyone. The goal? To create an easy-to-use service that supports the Sui ecosystem. Suiscan is part of a family of products, launched on 4 different chains, with more to come. It's built for both developers and regular users.

The team chose Sui because it supports many activities at once and lets them create dynamic assets. They're excited to be a leading player in the ecosystem. Plus, with Martian Wallet integration, more users can access wallet features easily.

Right now, Suiscan users can send, stake, withdraw and view staking dashboards. Soon, they'll also be able to list NFTs and use a voting and submission service.

SuiScan on Sui Martian Wallet

So far, Suiscan has become one of the leading explorers in the Sui ecosystem, showing lots of unique data and analytics. They've also built strong partnerships and received lots of positive feedback. They are also on track to launch a Directory for exploring the Sui ecosystem, an API, a user cabinet, and notifications. They're also working on a surprise feature, to be revealed soon.

16. KriyaDEX: DeFi

Meet KriyaDEX, another one-stop app for DeFi offering on the Sui network. Already live with an in-app bridge and a swap feature, KriyaDEX is about to launch a new feature for trading with 20x leverage!

What's special about KriyaDEX on Sui?

It's one of the few platforms where users can get multi-protocol price routing, use an in-app bridge, buy $SUI with fiat currency, provide liquidity with just one token, and soon, trade leveraged products like perps and options super fast.

Why Sui?

KriyaDEX team says, 'Sui lets us structure and store data efficiently and carry out programmable transactions. And, with Martian login supported on KriyaDEX, users will soon be able to access Kriya liquidity directly from the Martian app.'

Here's what KriyaDEX looks like:

Martian Sui Walet for KriyaDEX

Impressively, KriyaDEX was one of the first few audited DEXs to go live on the mainnet and was also a winner at Sui Foundation's first Demo Day in Hong Kong.

17. Cubic: Gaming

Cubic, a gaming ecosystem on the Sui Network, offers a plethora of fun games with a unique growth system. It's a space where users can manage and trade Web3 gaming assets and participate in a community-owned governance mechanism.

The platform is also a boon for game studios, providing them with a simplified game development process. It features a Sui Game SDK, AI-powered toolsets, and a launchpad for games and assets. Cubic helps studios optimize user growth, making it a must-have tool in the gaming industry.

Martian Wallet for Cubic on Sui

Cubic stands out on the Sui network as a Web3 gaming infrastructure, offering games easy blockchain integration, a user-friendly experience, and game-changing Web3 features.

Cubic chose Sui for its robust security, flexibility, and scalability. These features ensure safe digital asset transactions, customization ease, and the ability to handle high transaction volumes. This is critical for gaming companies with a large user base and high transaction frequency.


In conclusion, the Sui Network is fostering a diverse ecosystem of innovative dApps, pushing the boundaries of blockchain capabilities. From DeFi platforms like BaySwap and Scallop, data infrastructure providers like BlockVision, to gaming ecosystems like Cubic, Sui is offering a seamless, fast, and cost-effective environment for all. With the integration of Martian Wallet, accessing these apps and managing assets has never been easier.

These dApps, each with its own unique features and capabilities, are only the beginning of the evolution happening on the Sui Network. As Sui continues to grow and attract more applications, it is poised to shape the future of the blockchain world. The endless possibilities and innovations that this ecosystem brings are truly exciting. So, stay tuned as we embark on this fascinating journey into the next era of blockchain applications on Sui.

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