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What is a Self-Custodial wallet?

A self-custodial wallet means you have full control over your private keys and assets. This makes you the only person responsible for your account.

  • • We do not store any of your wallet data; all information displayed is managed locally within your browser.

  • • Accounts aren’t associated with email addresses.

  • • Users receive a unique Secret Recovery Phrase that cannot be altered or reset.

  • • No one can access your wallet through “back-end” means.

  • • Do not share your Secret Recovery Phrase with anyone. If you do, your wallet will no longer be secure. Therefore, it is important to move your assets to a new and safe wallet as soon as possible.

What is Sui and Aptos?

Sui and Aptos are modern Layer 1 blockchain that tackles common issues like scalability, safety, and decentralization. Both use parallel processing to speed up transactions in their respective networks, Sui Ecosystem and Aptos community.

How can I ensure the security of my Wallet?

• Preview wallet balance changes before you confirm transactions. This reduces the risk of phishing or scam attacks on your assets, such as coins or NFTs.

Practice caution when signing transactions:

• You should carefully review the permissions you grant to dApps.

Revoke access to suspicious websites:

Go to Settings Trusted Apps. If you have connected to a potentially malicious website, revoke access to that application. As long as you haven’t shared your Secret Recovery Phrase or Private Key, your wallet should remain secure after revoking permissions.

By staying vigilant and informed, you can better protect your wallet and the asset on the Sui Blockchain and Aptos network.

Can I use Martian Wallet on iOS and Android devices?

Martian - Aptos & Sui Wallet is currently available as a browser extension . Look for future announcements regarding the possible release of iOS and Android versions, which would bring support for the Sui blockchain and Aptos Network to your mobile device.

Can Martian Wallet help in retrieving my misplaced assets?

Unfortunately, Martian Wallet cannot help you recover lost assets. Since blockchain transactions are immutable, they can never be undone or altered once they have been confirmed.

What is Mainnet?

Mainnet is the live network where real transactions occur, and tokens hold value.

Do Aptos and Sui have separate wallet addresses?

Individual Layer-1 blockchains, Sui and Aptos operate independently at the base level of the blockchain architecture.

Each Layer-1 network validates and executes transactions autonomously, using their respective cryptocurrencies for transaction fees.

Consequently, your wallet addresses on Sui and Aptos will be different, reflecting their distinct blockchain structures

Can Martian Wallet access my funds?

No, Martian Wallet cannot access your funds ever.

As a self-custodial wallet, Martian Wallet ensures that you maintain complete control over your private keys, making you the sole custodian of your account

The platform does not store any of your wallet data, and all information displayed is managed locally within your browser. Rest assured, your assets remain secure and under your control

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